About - Revive


Revive delivers the unique artistry and elegance of fine vintage engagement rings and jewelry to today’s modern woman.

From the Victorian and Edwardian eras to Art Deco and Mid-Century, the Revive collection spans more than a century. Our jewels represent an era before mass production when master craftsmen worked tirelessly to bring out the special beauty and characteristics of each individual jewelry piece. 

We honor the legacy of each Revive piece by working with talented restoration artisans in New York. Their work ensures our jewelry maintains its originality but is ready for your 21st Century lifestyle.

Our name reflects the commitment to lovingly restoring the unique jewels that we curate from around the globe. But it also represents our desire to breathe new life into an industry by creating a fresh retail experience in the digital era for those who share our love for things rare and captivating.


As you shop Revive, you’ll experience a relaxed sales process because luxury doesn’t have to be stuffy. 

Our online-first approach is a modern, and we feel overdue, alternative to the traditional retail space where people are too often confronted with common, cookie-cutter designs. Our unique diamonds and jewels deserve a better, more transparent, one-and-only sales experience.

Our commitment to creating your Revive experience also includes benefits that you expect and deserve, including complimentary two-day shipping on every purchase and complimentary band resizing. 


 We founded Revive and you are shopping with us because of a passion for genuine beauty and a love of legacies old and new. We are here first and foremost to celebrate jewels unlike anywhere else in the world. 

But wanting to experience elegance and taste the finer things can also be about something more, a commitment to doing business more sustainably.  We are proud that our vintage jewelry reduces the demand for mining new products and the environmental impacts that come with it.

Our shared values give style and grace a whole new meaning.



The year the global pandemic upended everything, two friends came together, socially distanced on a park bench, to talk. So much felt, and was, different in the world, and they discussed what it all might mean for them. They agreed to take advantage of all the change happening to create something new, a one-of-a-kind vintage shopping experience for today.

Steven is a third-generation jeweler that developed his deep appreciation for the unique glamour of vintage pieces while working in the wholesale diamond industry. Now in the second decade of his career, this modern-day treasure hunter leverages a global network of fine jewelry brokers to ensure the Revive collection is second to no other online retailer of vintage engagement rings and reclaimed jewels.

Nicole Dahan is the e-commerce strategist behind the Revive customer experience. Her lifestyle and merchandising background informs the company’s commitment to a transparent and comfortable process for browsing and purchasing the finest vintage diamonds and gems available anywhere. 

We are committed to help you find your dream ring. If you’d like more information or to see additional photos, please contact us.